nature - man - religion - glass

Die KünstlerinElisabeth Geschwentner paints

... pictures that need no explanation, that communicate without words and express the artist's innermost emotions. Pictures that represent her life experience, intution and religious beliefs - with disarming directness and an intensely personal style. Her motifs portray the many facets of human nature and landscapes of striking vibrance. Powerful images in powerful colours.

Elisabeth Geschwentner tells

... life stories. Her paintings are redolent with symbolism of a deeply spiritual nature, radiating an inner harmony that goes straight to the heart.

Elisabeth Geschwentner transforms

... glass objects. Bowls and vases shimmer in an interplay of transparency and opacity, of light and flaming colour. The colourful abstract motifs of her reverse glass paintings transform simple glass objects into precious one-of-a-kind works of art.